Singularity Records is a record label I started while I was in college at the University of North Texas.

Our mission? To help the talented bands in Denton get their voice heard using modern digital media.

Using modern marketing and digital media technology, plus lots of good old-fashioned, grassroots participation in the local community, we helped take a band from garage shows to #1 in the top 20 live shows in Denton.

We managed, produced and released a really kickass EP with our flagship band, Afro Deezy Axe (give it a listen – seriously).

To promote the music scene as a whole, we started the Keep Denton Loud movement, playing off the likeminded “Keep Austin Weird” message of local support and awareness. We produced an active, hyper-local concert calendar, put on events of our own, and designed a popular shirt to tie it all together.